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What is Scup?

Scup is the leading tool in the listening, management and analysis of social media that helps make companies aware of the depth of their market, consumers and competitors, generating insights for business, and building deep relationships with their interested public.

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Strategic listening

Strategic listening

  • Track relevant conversations;
  • Avoid crises;
  • Identify influencers;
  • Map and track detractors;
  • Protect the reputation and image of your brand;
  • Keep your eye on the competition;
  • Meet the preferences and needs of your target audience;
  • Provision of market trends.

Profile management

Profile management

  • Manage pages and social profiles;
  • Make and schedule posts;
  • Find out which publications generate more conversations;
  • Automate and control 80% of processes;
  • Relate at a high level and with security;
  • Address questions and complaints in a controlled manner;
  • Organize your service operation;
  • Respond to your customer with flexibility and control.

Data analysis

Data analysis

  • Identify opportunities;
  • Generate new business;
  • Make secure decisions in real time;
  • Create custom reports;
  • Automatically track the health of your brand;
  • Transform data into market intelligence;
  • Analyze the performance of your service;
  • Obtain insights in real time.
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Scup is a Twitter Official Partner, qualified by Twitter because of its high­quality products, expert­level services and proven success on Twitter.

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