Privacy Policy


1.1 “Site”: Website located at the URL

1.2 “SCUP” or “Software”: Online platform/software, available at the Site, used for the management of social media, through monitoring, insertion, relationship, and data statistics.

1.3 “SPRINKLR”: SPRINKLR (BRASIL) Ltda. with head office in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, at Avenida das Nações Unidas, 8.501, 24th floor, ZIP CODE 05425-070, registered under corporate taxpayer’s ID (CNPJ/MF) nº 11.040.096/0001-38, owner of the Site.

1.4 “Service(s)”: Social media management services, through monitoring, insertion, relationship, and data statistics, offered by SPRINKLR at the Site, through the SCUP.

1.5 “User(s)”: Any natural person or legal entity that fills in the Registration Form located in the Site.

1.6 “Registration”: It is the filling in of the User’s Personal Data requested at the Site and the consequent hiring of the Service by the User, obtaining a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and not definitive SCUP license.

1.7 “Personal Data”: Data supplied by the User in the Registration Form.

1.8 “Terms and Conditions of Use of SCUP”: Documents that regulate the hiring of the Services and the Software license, by SCUP to the Users.


2.1 The present document is complementary to the Terms and Conditions of Use of SCUP and aims at regulating the use of the Personal Data supplied by the Users to SPRINKLR, at the moment the Services are hired.


3.1 The Personal Data supplied by the Users in the Registration Form are for the exclusive use of SPRINKLR, in Brazil and any other country where the Services are provided. SPRINKLR commits to using the Personal Data supplied by the Users in a legal manner, only for the purposes described in the Terms and Conditions of Use of SCUP, not disclosing this information to any third parties, under no circumstances.

3.2 SPRINKLR shall take all the applicable measures to preserve and maintain the secrecy of the Personal Data supplied by the Users, but it shall not be liable for damages resulting from eventual violation of such measures by third parties that use the public networks or the Internet in an illegal manner, corrupting the security systems to have access to information in the Site and, consequently, of the Users, who, by the present document, declare to be aware of such risks.

3.3 Considering that the Site is developed in a virtual medium, SPRINKLR disclaims all responsibility for any damages that might eventually occur to the information, data, and contents of Users either through the presence of a virus or other harmful elements to electronic systems, which are beyond its control.


4.1 If an eventual legal determination voids or makes inefficient any of the dispositions in the present instrument, all other conditions shall remain valid, unless the effect of such determination, at the discretion of SPRINKLR, ends up affecting the feasibility to maintain the Site and the Services.

4.2 The fees charged by the Internet provider and telecommunication services carrier (WAP, GPRS) chosen by the User, as well as all the applicable taxes are the responsibility of the User.

4.3 Abstention, by any of the parties, from exercising the right or faculty that assist them based on the present instrument, or the agreement with the non-compliance of the other party’s obligation, shall not affect that right or faculty, which can be exercised, at any moment, at the exclusive discretion of its holder nor shall it alter the conditions agreed upon in this instrument.