Identify relevant conversations

Monitor what they are saying about your brand on 13 social networks in real time. A few seconds after the creation of the monitoring, it is already possible to identify the issues talked about your company.

Improve services, products and campaigns

Access the best data to find out the people needs. When you know what your audience wants it is much easier to create campaigns, conduct sales, enhance your product or service, produce research and explore new business opportunities.

Providing business opportunities

Make a realtime survey, from spontaneous mentions on products and services, and get insights for making strategic decisions.

Save time and gain scale

With automatic actions configured on the tool you can reduce up to 80% of your team's manual work.

Track the impact of actions and campaigns

Have a clear and objective view of your listening through detailed graphics automatically generated by the tool.

Protect the reputation of your brand

Find out who are the influencers of your brand: the people who talk about your company, the content they share, your number of followers and where they are located.

Follow your competitors

Compare the health of your brand with its competitors, knowing the frequency of citations and criticism/compliments paid to it in relation to the rest of the market.

Perform a deep analysis of the data received

Work with information qualitatively using classification through tags. The quality of the information will be of great importance for the interpretation of what is said on the networks about the monitored brands and products.

Mark your online presence

You can schedule and post photos and videos on various social networks. Scup allows the classification of its publications (by type or campaign) and reveals which were the most liked, shared and commented.

Perform targeted campaigns

Direct your posts in seven options: gender, relationship status, education level, interests, age, location and language.

Know your customer

From the history of interactions, the unification of social profiles and entering information about your customer, create a complete database that will be the difference in the brandconsumer relationship.

Anticipate work crises

Keep an eye on your brand detractors, identify critical situations and perform crisis management.

Discover the performance of your publications

Learn how many visits and customers your publications have generated. An integration between Google Analytics and Scup shows the data you need to best invest.

Observe the main issues linked to your business

Discover the reach of your posts and the most discussed topics.

Monitor from anywhere

With the Scup app you can track your monitoring from anywhere and still perform actions such as classification, information sharing by email and deleting mentions.

Be more productive with the new Automatic Sentiment Analysis.

Scup now offers the Sentiment Analysis feature, allowing your team to save time that can be dedicated to more strategic activities; it identifies, without human intervention, the positive, neutral and negative mentions about your brand. This feature allows you to monitor your company’s health on social media. Learn more.

*Feature available only for contracts signed after April 10, 2015. If your contract was signed at an earlier date, please speak with your Account Manager

Visualize strategic data in real time*



Have total mentions, the health of the brand, the most relevant mentions and the terms most frequently cited right before your eyes


Compare projects, products or your brand with the competition and check your performance quickly

Social Customer Care

Track the performance of your team, keeping an eye on the number of executed services, response time and number of open cases.

The Scup Dashboard allows the clear and objective monitoring of your brand. With this panel updated in real time, you will have an accurate picture of what is happening in your monitoring and can quickly identify crises and business opportunities.

Are you interested in? Learn more about the details and use cases of Scup Dashboard.

*Service not included with the other features offered for Scup